Farmer’s Market and La Colombe

Pete deciding between parsnips and carrots

Farmer’s Market at Rittenhouse Square
18th and Walnut Streets
10am to 2pm on Saturdays, all year round
More info about this (and other farmer’s markets) here

La Colombe Torrefaction
1414 South Penn Square, (215) 977-7770 ‎






After the perfect pizza from Pietro’s, it was time for Pete Band to take a stroll through the Park. Rittenhouse Park that is. It was Saturday, so fresh produce and locally made treats were filling the sidewalks. Being winter, root vegetables were in season, so Pete Band had his choice between carrots, parsnips, onions, potatoes, and more!

Pete used his patented technique of knocking on the carrots to decide which was best.

Pete buying his dream vegetables!







Emily, the vendor, was happy to sell Pete his delicious onion and carrot, which he promptly snacked on.




Onions are usually cooked before eaten, but Pete just couldn't wait!


Next stop was the pickle stand, Philly Bills Dills, where Kevin had a selection of delicious pickles — sour, sweet, spicy. In the end, there really was no choice: Pete’s one true love is Spice, and the habanero pickles filled that void.

Pete even ran into his friend Brooke, who helped us enjoy the pickles!

Nice logo!


Crispy, crunchy, spicy, and full of flavor! They were well worth the $5 for the pint.



Pete and the Pickles



Cold tea for a hot day! Er, hot tea for a cold day!


Finally, a selection of hot cider and tea, perfect for a chilly day! Aldo and Alie were happy to offer Pete a cup of warm spiced ginger pear tea. It was sweet and delicious.





La Colombe logo!



After the market, the guys decided to take shelter from the bitter cold a block away, at Philadelphia’s premier coffee shop, La Colombe.


Pete Band, Josh Band, and King Alon waited in line patiently before ordering their espresso and cappuccino.


Each of the three gingerly took sips from the cappuccino, which was perfect and strong, the foam light.

King Alon

Josh Band

Pete Band








But the espresso — whoops! Josh Band misheard Pete and the King… they said “Josh, take a sip!” but he heard “lose your grip!” and dropped the espresso as he was about to drink it.


King Alon consoling Josh Band







After leaving La Colombe, the three made their way back home to the castle. Of course, on the way Pete tried to sneak into one of his favorite (but FORBIDDEN) food establishments, but King Alon caught him! Haha! Pete would undergo the royal punishment for such an offense… beheading!

Nice try Pete Band!


No just kidding. A slap on the wrist would do. Until next time!

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  1. avatar LisaR says:

    i’m totally checking out that place with the big yellow M! looks classy… hehehe jk i WANT A PICKLE!!!

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